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I received courteous, friendly, prompt, and excellent repair service at a reasonable price from General RV Repair (AKA: Martin RV Specialists). Chris and Brenda are quality-minded people and made the extra effort to ensure the repair work on my RV was completed in a timely manner. In less than 30 minutes, Chris assessed the problem with the refrigerator not working when it wasn’t connected to a power source and replaced the “reignitor.” I highly recommend Martin RV for your RV repairs. - Hogan Hilling Full-Time RV Traveler


The BEST! Our travel trailer had a broken suspension (happened while driving the BRP). We called, sent photos and within 30 min a part was found, staff was on the way to get the part and then they met us on the BRP at the overlook where we were parked. Within 45 minutes of the staff getting to us, the trailer was fixed and we were on the way. The staff even started a claim for us as our part was still under warranty! We sure wish we lived closer and Martin RV Specialists could do all our repairs.

- Lisa


Great people at this place, very understanding and helpful. My schwinteck system on my wardrobe slide decided to eat itself once I arrived at the campground. They were able to send a tech out to me the same day I called. He identified the issues, located part numbers and called everything into the office. Brenda then arranged everything and was my point of contact for everything the entire time. She got my parts order, arranged a day for me to drop off my RV and handled everything with my warranty company. All I had to pay was my deductible. They got the job done in one 8 hour work day and replaced every piece of the schwinteck system on both sides of the slide. There was also a backup plan in place if we had to stay the night there. If you're in the area and need help give them a call, I'm sure they will come through for you.
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